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Chiltern House Preschool (Julia Gabriel Education)

Chiltern House Preschool was established in 1994 with the aim of providing a seamless transition for graduating toddlers from the Julia Gabriel Centre PlayClub programme. Since its inception, the school has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional quality education to young children. This commitment is reflected in the school's approach to fostering nurturing relationships, creating a positive and enabling environment, and respecting each child's individual strengths and learning styles. With small class sizes, Chiltern House ensures that every child receives a personalized education, tailored to their unique needs.

Chiltern House has further enhanced its offerings by implementing the Qoqolo School Management System across all four of its Singapore centers. This technology provides a private label for the web portal, parent's app, and portfolio report. The benefits of this system include streamlined communication between parents and teachers, real-time updates on children's progress, and the ability to monitor and track learning outcomes. With the implementation of this advanced technology, Chiltern House Preschool is even better equipped to provide the highest quality education and support to its students and families.