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Evelyn Chew

Evelyn Chew is the Co-founder and the Chief Technical Officer of CommonTown. Her deep knowledge of the wide and complex range of internet technologies is a key success factor of the company. She specializes in large federated repositories and interoperable solutions and led major repository projects including MOE edumall2.0 and MOE iSHARE System. 

Ms Chew plays an important role in formulating the successful strategies the company adopted over the years since 2000. CommonTown was transformed from a Dotcom with $0 revenue to a successful web portal and e-learning company with a reputation for being swift, innovative and nimble. 

Prior to joining CommonTown, Ms. Chew was with Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore from 1993-1999 where she spent 6 years doing Research and Development work. Ms. Chew was the lead programmer in the Times Publishing CDROM courseware project, which won the Singapore Designers’ Award in 1996. In 1999, she started CommonTown with Mr. Joel Loo. 

Ms. Chew completed her B. Science in 1992 and received her Master Degree in Knowledge Engineering in 2001.